Think you recognize our handy-work? Possibly . . . let us know what you thought, here’s a list of previous shows that we’ve been in together, or helped put together:

“I Am Immortal”
Rebirth through Art
Unsmoke Systems Artspace, Braddock, Pennsylvania, July 15th-22th 2011

“Just What We Can Become Here”
A 6 person collaborative installation
Fluorescent Gallery, Knoxville, Tennessee, June 2011

click here for a video walkthrough

“I Have No Rival 2”
Street Level Video Show through Findlay, Ohio, May 2011
Fluorescent Gallery, Knoxville, Tennessee, June 2011

“I Have No Rival”
A three story video projection over downtown Dayton, Ohio
Downtown Dayton, Ohio April 1st 2011

Click here for a video example of our display

“No Man Can Be My Equal”
A series of six solo shows/installations in six days
Sarah A. Coyne Gallery, Syracuse, New York, November 2010

“Here We Belong”
A new representation of Dayton, Ohio artists
The Second Floor Space, The Southern Belle, Dayton, Ohio August 2010

“Take Me To The Future Of You All”
The first Broken Dayton Machine show
Gallery 1010, Knoxville, Tennessee, July 2010

“Penumbra: An Exhibition of Art and Stuff”
An experimental precursor to the collective
C{space Art Space, Dayton, Ohio, July 2009