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for realz . . . hope you like it. It brings together our show cards and website more now. I’ll have to get used to using birch as a font I guess.


Upcoming Shows

So we’ve got a few things coming up . . . Braddock, another Dayton, and possibly another Knoxville. feel free to check them out on our events page, but we’ll keep you up to date on here, as to when new stuff is on the way. Dayton should be April 1st, so get ready . . . it’s gonna be pretty effin’ awesome.


The Machine Has Arrived.

As a collective we have now re-organized ourselves into a newly branded “art machine”. Frank finally got a web identity other than the collective and we’re also introducing our final addition to the machine, Phillip Evans, whose illustrious resume includes working for such artists as Matthew Barney. So that’s about it for exciting news . . . we’ll be updating soon. Oh yeah, if you haven’t already find us on the Facebook and do what the kids like to call “licking our page”. Peace out, internets.


I changed the links bar and updated the artist statements page, and I’m working on creating separate pages with pages for each of our shows. be prepared, be excited, most of all, be ready.

No Man Can Be My Equal

Our newest show, “No Man Can Be My Equal”, will open Friday Novemeber 12th at the Sarah A. Coyne gallery in Syracuse, NY. It’s a series of six 24-hour solo shows including all five primary members of The Brokendayton Art Collective, and special guest Phillip Evans. Feel free to come check it out because there will be a different artist showing every day until the 18th at which point there will be a reception. The schedule is as follows:

Ashley Jonas, Friday November 12th
Frank Travers, Saturday November 13th
Ren Cummings, Sunday November 14th
Ian Breidenbach, Monday November 15th
Phillip Evans, Tueday November 16th
Nicholaus Arnold, Wednesday November 17th
and finally a group reception Thursday November 18th, from 6-8pm.

I hope we see you there, feel free to contact with any questions.

Nicholaus Arnold Mission Statement

I once had my tarot cards read at sunset in Key West. The medium had me take a deep breath and exhale my energies into the moment. She then told me that I’m always stuck in my own head and that there’s no escaping it, my artwork will always be about the inside of my head and will grow from my own pushing it. She had a heavy accent and didn’t know English too well, but I think I understood what she was getting at. I thought this was a strange circumstance to get this kind of information from a stranger, and wondered if it meant that I’m truly a conceptual artist at heart, or if I were simply crazy. Later on that night I thought ghosts were talking to me in my sleep.

I had an epiphany once. Early morning around maybe 5am in a friend’s apartment, after too much whiskey and bad blow, I decided to search the Facebook to pretend I’m friends with a bunch of people online. Always looking for the punch line in art, I thought I’d hit some kind of goldmine while reading status updates. It was probably the coke, but every status seemed like a signed perfect piece of art. I went through exuding my love of everyone’s status for a while before realizing that maybe I just want to be popular, or maybe just liked or loved. It all made sense for a second, but I realized I have to push the envelope as much as possible to really get people to care about me or what I want to do.

During a television interview in Knoxville I was asked to succinctly describe my work in a sentence and my response was, “I’m a semi-conceptual artist who likes to draw and make prints”. They followed that question what kind of super power I might want to which I responded immediately with, “I want the power of bees.” Suffice to say I talked much longer about bees than art, which seemed just more appealing to me than ranting about art. I wonder if that’s true for the audience who saw the interview. If it was, I might be on to something.

Her Name Is Jonas

We’ve adopted yet another new member to our collective, Ashley Jude Jonas. Please check out her work on our artist’s page and on her website. In other news we’ll be showing soon here an exhibit titled “No Man Can Be My Equal”. It’s a series of five solo exhibits over six days and a closing ceremony in Syracuse, NY. if you have time to make it out there, come see some Dayton artists showing in the beautiful Sarah A. Coyne Gallery on Syracuse University’s campus. I’ll make sure we get some photos up from “Here We Belong” here soon too, no worries.

Announcing New Members

Now being adopted into the collective is Ren Cummings, a visual and media artist originally from Dayton, Ohio and currently attending UTK for her MFA in Media Arts. Also being adopted in is Carly Perkins of Dayton, Ohio. She’s currently attending Sinclair Community College for her AA in Fine Art Photography. Both of these new artists will be participating in not yet organized collective shows and organizing their own for the group.

Take Me To The Future Of You All

Take Me To The Future Of You All, our show in Knoxville at the Gallery 1010 on Gay Street was a success. Special Thanks to Ren for organizing it, and the University of Tennessee for hosting. If you had the chance to see it, make sure you come to our next event, “Here We Belong” first Friday in August in Dayton, Ohio (more details to come) Check some photos:

Dear Braddock,

My name is Nicholaus Arnold, I’m a current second year MFA student at Syracuse University, and I represent the BrokenDayton art group. We are a group of artists currently spread across the country all originally from the Dayton, Ohio area. Ian Breidenbach, another member of our group, is an active artist and graduate from Wright State University, who is still based in the Dayton area and co-founder of Space_11 exhibition space. Frank Travers, the final member of our group is about to receive his MFA in Printmaking from University of Connecticut. We are currently trying to put together a series of national shows this summer including one in Braddock, titled “I Am Immortal”. The idea is that as we come from what’s known as a dying city, and we want to show that our arts and culture are still very much alive. Braddock, Pennsylvania, being the main place that such an idea was first conceived, seemed like the best place to launch our series of shows.

“I Am Immortal” is a three-person show focusing on the idea of immortality. The famous sculptor Damien Hirst once said that, “It’s all boils down to the desire to live forever. This is what Art’s all about”. Working from this idea we realized that we should spread our love for art from our dying city in the hopes that it will be noticed on a different level. We want to show in non-traditional art spaces leaving them improved and better for having had us showcase our work there. Vacant buildings and cultural centers such as churches are preferred display options in this concept.

Here’s where our problem is . . . We don’t know anyone from Braddock, or know much more about it than what’s been written in the papers such as the New York Times. We greatly want to help participate in the idea of resurgence through art, but we don’t know where to start in your town. After reading and researching, we thought the best idea would be to approach you directly and ask for your help in such a task. We’d greatly appreciate any help or suggestions you could provide.

Thank You,

Nicholaus Arnold