Better Than Nothing ...

SO to keep the internets aware, here’s an update of the recent Grey Gallery show with Broken Dayton. The title of the show was “Better Than Nothing” and if you’re in the Williamsport, PA area, you should check it out before the end of the month. Here’s a short article by Matthew Parrish about the “Invasion”.

Just in case that wasn’t enough you should watch the video walk through and gallery interview:

I’ll be posting more show updates here soon, but GO SEE THIS ONE!!!

I Am Immortal

Check out some of our documentation from the “I Am Immortal” show.

Monoliths like it was 2001



What We Became In Knoxville

This is a walk through of the installation that is
“Just What We Can Become Here”
in Knoxville, Tennessee at the Fluorescent Gallery

I Am Immortal . . .

Hey Everybody!

So we’ll be doing a fairly big show opening July 15th at Unsmoke Artspace in Braddock, PA. It’s a media extravaganza with video, sculpture, photography, performance, print and clay. All six of us will be reunited again and present for the show (it’s actually been since “No Man Can Be My Equal” last November that that’s happened) and it’s gonna be BIG. There’s also going to be a time capsule that anyone coming to the show will be invited to participate in by bringing an item to be sealed up for at least the next five years if not ten. “I Am Immortal” will be up for a week with the gallery open by appt, (please contact unsmoke here) and open from 5-10 July 15th, and 5-10 July 22nd for the opening and the ceremonial time capsule burial for the closing. We hope to see everyone we know out for the event, it’ll be a blast!

Just What We Can Become Here

Hey everybody, it’s been a bit as I’ve been a little busy with life the last few months . . . (thesis, MFA show, moving across country, seizures, etc) but we’re down in Knoxville, Tennessee right now setting up for a show titled “Just What We Can Become Here”. It’s a compilation of 6 different installations about the idea of personal space, all-in-one. Should be pretty awesome as long as the smoke machines and lasers get figured out.


For Our Rivals

We Want To Be Your Friend

so like us please.


I Have No Rival

Hey everybody!
We have come together for the event, “I Have No Rival”, in downtown Dayton thanks to the support of The Southern Belle to create an “art happening”. We’ll be creating a three-story video projection in the empty floors above The Southern Belle bar that will be able to be seen from Patterson Ave. The video projection is in a sense a single piece of art created by six different artists and assembled in Dayton. We’re calling it a “happening”, as its a large-scale piece of art that will only be able to be seen for a weekend. It’s overall intent is our own as a collective, to show the inspirational power that art can create, and that the city of Dayton possesses.

The show begins at sunset April 1st and lasts until midnight and may be available for viewing the following evening at sunset until midnight. Artists Nicholaus Arnold, Ian Breidenbach, Frank Travers and Phillip Evans will be present for the duration of the piece at The Southern Belle to discuss the work.


No Man Catalog

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buy it or download it, but treat it with love.