I Have No Rival

Hey everybody!
We have come together for the event, “I Have No Rival”, in downtown Dayton thanks to the support of The Southern Belle to create an “art happening”. We’ll be creating a three-story video projection in the empty floors above The Southern Belle bar that will be able to be seen from Patterson Ave. The video projection is in a sense a single piece of art created by six different artists and assembled in Dayton. We’re calling it a “happening”, as its a large-scale piece of art that will only be able to be seen for a weekend. It’s overall intent is our own as a collective, to show the inspirational power that art can create, and that the city of Dayton possesses.

The show begins at sunset April 1st and lasts until midnight and may be available for viewing the following evening at sunset until midnight. Artists Nicholaus Arnold, Ian Breidenbach, Frank Travers and Phillip Evans will be present for the duration of the piece at The Southern Belle to discuss the work.


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