Dear Braddock,

My name is Nicholaus Arnold, I’m a current second year MFA student at Syracuse University, and I represent the BrokenDayton art group. We are a group of artists currently spread across the country all originally from the Dayton, Ohio area. Ian Breidenbach, another member of our group, is an active artist and graduate from Wright State University, who is still based in the Dayton area and co-founder of Space_11 exhibition space. Frank Travers, the final member of our group is about to receive his MFA in Printmaking from University of Connecticut. We are currently trying to put together a series of national shows this summer including one in Braddock, titled “I Am Immortal”. The idea is that as we come from what’s known as a dying city, and we want to show that our arts and culture are still very much alive. Braddock, Pennsylvania, being the main place that such an idea was first conceived, seemed like the best place to launch our series of shows.

“I Am Immortal” is a three-person show focusing on the idea of immortality. The famous sculptor Damien Hirst once said that, “It’s all boils down to the desire to live forever. This is what Art’s all about”. Working from this idea we realized that we should spread our love for art from our dying city in the hopes that it will be noticed on a different level. We want to show in non-traditional art spaces leaving them improved and better for having had us showcase our work there. Vacant buildings and cultural centers such as churches are preferred display options in this concept.

Here’s where our problem is . . . We don’t know anyone from Braddock, or know much more about it than what’s been written in the papers such as the New York Times. We greatly want to help participate in the idea of resurgence through art, but we don’t know where to start in your town. After reading and researching, we thought the best idea would be to approach you directly and ask for your help in such a task. We’d greatly appreciate any help or suggestions you could provide.

Thank You,

Nicholaus Arnold

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