mission statement

The Broken Dayton Machine is a collective group of artists formed in Dayton, Ohio. This failing city collectively united a group of artists putting forth an effort to create cultural change through artistic influence on the world around them. Our mechanizations of showing nationally, taking on spaces both conventional and unconventional, to spread our voices of art as a group, function to allow our identities and ideas to spread as ephemera. This surrogate family of artists has but one main goal, to let others love art. Our variances and conflicts aside, together we paint a portrait more viable to allowing an audience to grasp us and push others into the collective mindset that art is for all. Together, we are a voice of art that cannot be ignored. Together we are a family, a community, a school of thought, and a conceptual vehicle meant to take an audience to a new place of perception. We are all a piece of the personal and the obscure, no matter the focus of our efforts, or the mediums through which we speak, we are drawn together by the need to create, and it is only as we coalesce are we truly challenged. Together, we are the Broken Dayton Machine.


We, as the Broken Dayton Machine, are here to change the perception of art through our combined prowess of subject matter. We follow simple rules to do so.

  1. There is no show too small, no idea too big, no workload too much. We show anywhere, and everywhere. There is no concept too simple, no basis too ludicrous. We make art for our audiences, and for the world, NOT the art world alone.
  2. There’s no such thing as high art. There’s no such thing as low art. There’s no such thing as Art with a capital “A”. There is art. It’s here for us all.
  3. We work together as a machine to accomplish our goals. As parts of a machine we are individual, but when our functions are joined, we are collectively mechanized.
  4. We are the future of art, and its history. We are explorers in the field and researchers in the laboratory of art.

Our goals:

  1. To bring art to those who do not know it, or its power.
  2. To allow the perception of our audience to change.
  3. To not fall into the pit traps that delineate the world of art from mainstream.
  4. To be the best artists we can be.

Our Future:

  1. We will be everywhere.
  2. We will be permanent.
  3. We will be stuck inside your head, inside the space between your vision and thoughts.